A New Content Theme Every Month

It's become rather obvious that the information we're presenting at our MAP IT FORWARD seminars and in our podcasts is not only needed, but appreciated by the coffee community world wide.

It's been wonderfully encouraging to see the response we've received to the content we're creating and so very wonderful to hear how thought provoking and often times career changing the information from all our mentors and podcast guests has been for you.

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The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast Launches! First Guest, Scott Rao!

It's with great excitement that we announce the launch of our new podcast "The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast' hosted by Lee Safar. We're even more excited to welcome our first guest, Scott Rao.

A very new kind of podcast to the coffee world, MAP IT FORWARD presents a long format conversation with people inside and outside of the coffee industry to have discussions about any subject that comes up. The conversations will be a few hours long with the focus being on guests who have interesting stories and perspectives to share about their journey so far.

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Lee Safar
Introducing MAP IT FORWARD Quick Tips #MIFQuickTip

We've started a new series on social media called MAP IT FORWARD Quick Tips #MIFQuickTip.

These tips are quick tips from our mentors for those who haven't been able to attend our seminars and other people we invite on our soon to commence live stream podcast. They're around 30 seconds long and comes in series of 5 tips for each mentor.

They're released every 2 days on InstagramFacebook and YouTube. We've just finished the series from mentor James Marcotte with tips on "Wholesale Sales".

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How Important Is What We Do?

A MAP IT FORWARD thought/question to chew on for today! 

How important is what I do as coffee professionals? 

Despite how some "coffee people" act (#ego), we’re not in the business of saving lives, jumping into burning buildings or landing on Mars. 

While what we do doesn’t even come close in the degree of difficulty as the above mentioned professions, we do have one very important role in the world. We get to make a persons day infinitely more enjoyable! This responsibility (and opportunity) should be taken seriously.

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On The Subject Of Decaf and Other Such Things

On the subject of Decaf and similar such things that we’re inclined to judge our customers for. Please stop it! Judging them I mean.

Whether or not a person drinks decaf, puts sugar in their coffee, adds milk, syrups, cinnamon, chocolate or whatever else, who are we to judge them for what they choose to drink or put into their drink? Further, what gives us the right to do so?

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Life Currencies And The Coffee Industry

If having a job is for the purpose of making money alone, then that thing you spend a third of your life doing, your job, is doing little more than increasing your financial wealth. And lets face it, in the coffee industry, unless you’re one of the very lucky few, you’re living from pay check to pay check so it’s not even doing that.

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