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The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast is working hard to demystify and address the issues around the coffee supply chain and other industry related issues in a no bullshit way. We have the luxury of not having to deal with the red tape most organisations have to deal with so we're more likely to get things done with the added advantage if real time industry input through our social platforms and ongoing discourse.

The project we're currently working on the investigation of the coffee supply chain.

Step 1. Map the complexities of the coffee supply chain from each major coffee growing origin

Step 2. Identify the challenges facing each of the stakeholders in each supply chain we map 

Step 3. Implement action items to address each of the challenges

This takes an extraordinary amount of time and resources and we need your help to continue this work. 

We're raising funds to hire a documentary team and investigative journalist and other support staff to assist with the direct we're taking the podcast.

If you're a fan of The MAP IT FORWARD podcast and The Daily Coffee Pro and would like to see both continue to pursue the lines of conversation currently being pursue, we appreciate your financial contribution, and thank you for supporting our work.

You're also welcome to contact us to sponsor an episode of the podcast for $330 USD and have your business promoted at the beginning of each episode you sponsor. Simply email support@mapitforward.org for details.

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