How Important Is What We Do?

A MAP IT FORWARD thought/question to chew on for today! 

How important is what I do as coffee professionals? 

Despite how some "coffee people" act (#ego), we’re not in the business of saving lives, jumping into burning buildings or landing on Mars. 

While what we do doesn’t even come close in the degree of difficulty as the above mentioned professions, we do have one very important role in the world. We get to make a persons day infinitely more enjoyable! This responsibility (and opportunity) should be taken seriously.

Coffee is so important to so many people. That first sip of their first coffee is an often superstitious ritual that tells people how the rest of their day will evolve. For the stressed and busy, it’s often the only moment of peace in their day and somewhat sacred. 

By making sure that the coffee beverage we serve people (even the decaf 😉), as well as the overall experience they get from engaging the brand we’re representing, enhances their day we have the opportunity to, as Sheryl Sandberg expresses in this video, bring "joy" into someone’s day. 

This is true whether you’re the barista, the roaster, the green buyer, the owner the dish washer or anything in between. 

So while we don’t save lives, put out fires and we don’t launch rockets, we are indirect influencers in a persons day. No matter whether you’re a coffee brand or a coffee professional, be sure you’re influencing someones day for the better and they’ll keep coming back!

People remember how you make them feel. 

I like to think of us as being in the business of happiness. 


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