On The Subject Of Decaf and Other Such Things

On the subject of Decaf and similar such things that we’re inclined to judge our customers for. Please stop it! Judging them I mean.

Whether or not a person drinks decaf, puts sugar in their coffee, adds milk, syrups, cinnamon, chocolate or whatever else, who are we to judge them for what they choose to drink or put into their drink? Further, what gives us the right to do so?

Our job as a barista is to make the beverage a customer has ordered to the highest standard we can with a welcoming, inclusive attitude so that they’ll come back tomorrow to spend their money where we work rather than somewhere else. This keeps the business we’re working for alive, us in a job, and the customer feeling happy about their experience and taking that feeling into their day! Win x win x win. 

Don’t buy in to lower vibration behaviours just because some other shop or “coffee person” is doing it. Elevate your experience as well as the customers experience with the mindset “How can I make this customer’s experience the best it can possibly be?”. 

Our job is to make peoples days happier, not to shit all over their experience (even if they don’t hear us doing it) by judging them. Instead make your beverages, including decaf, as delicious as it can be and ask them to tell you how you can make it better. This is the mark of someone truly passionate about making great coffee and wonderful customer service.

Just another way to separate out the “Coffee professionals” from the “coffee people”. 


p.s. I’ve been guilty of this behaviour in the past myself until a friend set me straight about it years ago. We live, we learn, we grow.

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