Barista & Beyond - Mapping a Successful 10-Year Career in the Coffee Industry

Barista & Beyond - Mapping a Successful 10-Year Career in the Coffee Industry


Included in your pricing is access to:

  1. The facebook group that houses the video presentation and opportunity to network with other like minded cafe owners

  2. A downloadable audio only version of the webinar to listen to just like a podcast

  3. A password protected pdf webinar bundle including the MAP IT FORWARD “Barista Career Map” and the Presentation Slides. Instruction on how to access the video presentation as well as the audio version of the presentation are also included within the pdf.

(All the Instructions you’ll need are included in the document you’ll be prompt to download upon completion of purchase. The password to unlock the downloadable pdf file is located at in the first paragraph or your order confirmation email, below your order number. If you have any questions please email our support team at

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In this webinar we’ll cover: 

  1. How to build a career map and why it’s essential to your success

  2. Defining your long term career dreams

  3. Professionalism - the specifics of what it really means and how to cultivate it

  4. Communication skills - The essential elements of effective communication with your employer, teammates, customers, suppliers and industry colleagues. 

  5. Knowing your [realistic] value and how to get paid more than most professionals you know

  6. Choosing employers you align with that will champion your success

  7. How to affectively interview for a positions 

  8. Having the hard conversations like a pro

  9. How to approach building your technical and soft skill development

  10. How to contribute to a safe working environment free from harassment

  11. What to do when you’ve lost your passion for coffee