Elliot Reinecke - Steady State Coffee (MAP IT FORWARD Consulting)

"I started my business from the ground up with just some small savings because of my love for coffee.  I slowly learned the craft and industry over the course of a few years, and many times scoffed at the idea of paying someone, (usually more than I was making myself) to help with my business and its future.

It was after a few friendly conversations that I began to see Lee’s deep understanding of our industry.  Like our brand, MAP IT FORWARD isn't interested in the hip, flash in the pan ideas, but in relationship based, long term business growth.

Our initial consultation lasted 3 hours, but felt like 15 minutes as it was so natural.  We have only been working with her for a short time, but our business has grown exponentially and has a much more clear path than it ever has.  I can’t imagine at all where we would have ended up 3 years from now, but now that we are working together I know exactly where we will be!”

Lee Safar