want to take over our instagram for a day and show the world “a day in the life of…you at work”?

Professional workplace coffee culture is different around the world! What's considered high volume in one country or city can be totally different in another country or city, both in the cafe and in the roastery. Opening and closing procedures are different, dialling in is different, setting up the roast day is different. It’s all different, and we want to celebrate, learn from and encourage those differences.

MAP IT FORWARD is all about elevating the professionalism of the coffee industry worldwide and the best way to do that is to share ideas. Seeing the way other people do things is a great inspiration for how you can better your daily flow.

We've decided to do something FUN and invite coffee professionals from all over the world to put their hand up to get involved in our INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER for a day!

If you’re interested, please fill in all the details the form below! Follow us on Instagram @imapitforward and we’ll message you there directly when we want to start a conversation with you about a take over.

If you haven’t checked out our first takeover by Head Barista of Ona Coffee Hany Ezzat @barista_hany, check our IG highlights to get an idea of what’s involved!

Also, please consider applying even if English isn’t your first language! So much can be communicated non-verbally and there will be plenty of people who do speak the same language as you that will get value out of your takeover!

Please complete the form below to be considered for our IG takeover

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You can still do the take over if you don't speak english! 😉