MAP IT FORWARD Podcast Sponsorship Package

MAP IT FORWARD Podcast Sponsorship Package

from 363.00

Sponsorship of ads for The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast (which includes The Daily Coffee Pro) goes directly to supporting the team and projects produced by MAP IT FORWARD.

Sponsorship is calculated per episode at $33 per 1000 monthly RSS subscribers based on the previous months monthly calculations.

Sponsoring The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast is a wonderful way to market to potential customers in the coffee supply chain including coffee roasters, cafe owners, coffee producers, green buyers, importers, exporters, baristas, roasters, cafe managers and everything in between.

You’re welcome to purchase a single episode or a Sponsorship Pack where you’ll get 12 episodes for the cost of 10.

Sponsorship includes:

  1. Your ad read at the beginning of the audio version of the podcast and a mention of your sponsorship at the beginning of the live video episode of the podcast.

  2. Sponsor links and text in the posts of the episode on socials and syndicated platform podcasts.

  3. Mentions of your sponsorship to our mailing list when we advise them of the episode.

  4. A social media post regarding your sponsorship in our Instagram and Facebook stories.

You’re welcome to craft the copy for the ad yourself or send through points that we can fashion into the ad for you.

Bundle Size: