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Position: Podcast intern

We’re currently looking to welcome a new intern to our podcast team. The internship will be unpaid part-time for 6 months with a vision to turn the position to paid hourly work after that and eventually permanent full time work.

During the internship, the position will primarily include content creation and management for the podcast (including The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast and The Daily Coffee Pro) with a vision to have the successful candidate transitioning to Podcast Producer within 2 years.

The work can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

You will be:

  1. Passionate, determined and enthusiastic about the work you do and your life in general

  2. Able to demonstrate that you can do the things you say you can do

  3. Willing to grow your skill set and learn new things

  4. Able to deliver work on time and to a schedule

  5. Well versed in social media, video editing, audio editing and technology in general

  6. Someone who takes pride in the quality of work you do and the success of the projects you work on either independently or as a team

  7. Able to work autonomously and with other people

  8. Focused on working towards a common team goals

  9. Passionate about good conversation (you do not have to be good at it, just able to recognise it and enjoy it)

  10. Focused (i.e. not checking your phone constantly throughout meetings)

  11. Trustworthy

  12. Hard and smart working

  13. Have grit (Passion and perseverance to execute on a long term goal)

  14. Detail oriented and able to take direction

  15. Great communication skills (both speaking and writing) in english (Spanish as a second language is a bonus)

This position will suit:

  1. Sound engineering graduates (not essential though)

  2. Marketing, branding, advertising (etc) graduates

  3. Someone who’s looking to become a part of a long term project and grow into a position that’s interesting and exciting with a brand that’s constantly growing.

  4. An idea’s driven person that wants to learn how to (or already can) execute on those ideas.

  5. Someone wanting to be proud of the work they’re producing

  6. Someone looking to transition professions who’s confident they have most of the skills we’ll need and open to learning the skills they don’t have

This position will not suit:

  1. Anyone who just wants free mentoring or to be able to say “I’m a part of the MIF team”

  2. People who get star struck by coffee and other celebrities

  3. People who aren’t serious about creating a career for themselves

  4. Someone who already knows everything there is to know about everything. You’ll need to be a team player who can contribute to discussions as well as hear feedback about you’re work without being offended by that feedback.

  5. Someone who’s priority in life is being social media famous

  6. Anyone without access to a computer, good wifi, and the editing software needed to execute their tasks.

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