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Merling Preza @merlingpreza is the Vice President of CLAC (based in Nicaragua) and Alison Streacker @astreacker (also with CLAC) is based in El Salvador. CLAC @clac.comerciojusto, when translated to english, stands for the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade Small Producers and Workers. CLAC is a co-owner of Fairtrade international.

Why live and not pre-recorded?

We have 2 podcasts within one podcast at MAP IT FORWARD.

The MAP IT FORWARD PODCAST is a long format (usually a couple of hours) conversation (not interview) with Lee Safar and interesting people carefully selected as guests in and out of the coffee world.

The Daily Coffee Pro is a short 10 minute-ish daily (workday) podcast with Lee Safar presenting ideas for you to ponder about life, your career and business within the coffee industry.

Both podcasts are recorded as live video’s on our Youtube Channel (please subscribe) and later syndicated to Apple Podcasts (for iPhone users) and Stitcher (for Android users).

All of the podcasts are available here on our website in the order they were recorded here.

The reason we do both these podcasts live is to align with our Life Currencies: Peace of Mind, Flow, Growth, Freedom, Purpose, Connectedness and Clarity.

  1. Peace of Mind because we know that you’re seeing the authentic unadulterated product.

  2. Flow because it saves us time in editing thus improving our daily work flow.

  3. Growth so because you’re seeing how we’re getting better at doing this from the genesis of the podcast into the years to come.

  4. Freedom because we have nothing to hide and want to have the freedom to be as real with you as possible. Going live holds us accountable to our

  5. Purpose which among other things is to encourage open, respectful discourse about real (and sometimes uncomfortable) topics facing the global coffee industry.

  6. Connectedness because giving you the option to watch the conversation live helps you feel connected to it.

  7. Clarity because it is our hope that giving you an insight into the authentic, unedited conversation you a clear understanding of how the people you might look up to engage and connect with each other.

This is our way of being transparent. This is our way of earning your trust and respect. This is our way of working hard to show you our commitment to integrity and authenticity while being ok with not having to be so polished in a super polished world!

Enjoy and don’t forget to rate, comment, subscribe, share and love up on our guests by following them on social media!