Barista & Beyond - mapping a successful 10-yr career in the coffee industry

SAT, JUNE 15th, 2019, 1:00 PM – 4pm PT*

*you will be able to watch this webinar till the end of july

With the rise in popularity of craft/specialty/artisan/boutique coffee around the world, a professional, long-term, well paying and fulfilling career in the coffee industry is becoming more and more attainable. Knowing how to map out that career so that you’re making decisions towards your long term career aspirations as a barista and beyond is what will seperate you out as a “coffee professional” amongst a sea of “coffee people”.

In this online webinar presented by MAP IT FORWARD, founder and long term coffee professional and entrepreneur Lee Safar we will focus on the best way to construct the important foundational building blocks of your career as a barista and how to progress and pivot through your career to pretty much anywhere in coffee you’d like to find yourself, while building an extraordinary network of resources around you to support your career growth. In order to get there, you’ll have to create a “Map” (which you’ll get a copy off) and know the skills to add to your toolkit to best support your journey!

MIF Workshop Barista Map 2019 Square.png