A New Content Theme Every Month


It's become rather obvious that the information we're presenting at our MAP IT FORWARD seminars and in our podcasts is not only needed, but appreciated by the coffee community world wide.

It's been wonderfully encouraging to see the response we've received to the content we're creating and so very wonderful to hear how thought provoking and often times career changing the information from all our mentors and podcast guests has been for you.

In our constant quest to improve the way we deliver content in our community, we've decided that starting July 1st, we're going to have a new theme we'll explore every month. We have some idea's but we'd like to hear from you what you'd like us to start presenting content about.

If you wouldn't mind, please respond in the comments section below or by emailing us with your favourite 4 topics of the list below or suggestions of your own. We'll start aligning our social media postspodcast guestsblog posts, workshops, and all our other content to be aligned with whatever out topic of the month is for each given month. 

Here are our suggestions: 1. Work ethic, 2. Sales (wholesale and on bar), 3.Communication, 4. Professionalism, 5. Long Term Career Mapping, 6. Financial Health (business & employee), 7. Coffee Education, 8. Leadership, 

We're doing this to bring structure to our online discussions and create more flow in how we present the information that's so desperately needed.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions so please help us by responding and contributing to building our community of true professionals!

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