The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast Launches! First Guest, Scott Rao!

It's with great excitement that we announce the launch of our new podcast "The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast' hosted by Lee Safar. We're even more excited to welcome our first guest, Scott Rao.

A very new kind of podcast to the coffee world, MAP IT FORWARD presents a long format conversation with people inside and outside of the coffee industry to have discussions about any subject that comes up. The conversations will be a few hours long with the focus being on guests who have interesting stories and perspectives to share about their journey so far.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel here to get notifications of each episode as it ends. Click here (or on the image below) to watch our podcasts streamed live. We'll be in Seattle for SCA next week with guests Jared Truby (Cat and Cloud Coffee), Matt Perger, Candice Madison (Irvine Farms Coffee), Lucia Solis (the queen of coffee fermentation) and a few more we're finalising! 

They will be syndicated to iTunes and all your favourite podcasting platforms soon.

Watch our introductory episode with Lee Safar here:


Lee Safar